About Us

Established in 1951, the Thrift Stores began in Texas with the opening of the 2nd Avenue and Wichita Falls stores.  In early 1970, an alliance with Amvets National Foundation stimulated its growth even further.  By 1973, there were Thrift Stores in two states, Texas and Oklahoma and in the District of Columbia.  By 1980, the Thrift Store operations had also opened stores in Maryland and Virginia.  And by 1985, the Thrift Stores opened a store in Delaware. 

Today, there are 18 stores in five states plus the District of Columbia.  Our newest location is the Edgewood Thrift Store located in Edgewood, MD opened in April 99 but later relocated to better server our customers.

The fundamental mission of the Thrift Stores is to collect useable items from donations and to sell the items in the stores and make contributions to such charities as Amvets National Foundation and other Veterans’ organizations, United Support Against Multiple Sclerosis (US vs MS) and other charities throughout the country.  The Thrift Stores also responds to requests from local citizens’ groups when a family becomes homeless due to fire or other disaster or when charitable donations are needed for other worthy causes. Community service has always been a large part of Thrift Stores Incorporated mission statement. If a community is stricken by floods, fires, or tornados, Thrift Stores, Inc. is always there to help. These projects require a great deal of work to be a success.

In the various communities where Thrift Stores operate, we look for opportunities to hire and train local citizens including disabled, handicapped and disadvantaged people alike.   By providing jobs, training and budget shopping to local residents, we help to support the residents and bolster the economy of each location.